5 Ways to create a memorable conference

Modernise your conference experience with these ideas to spruce up and bring your event to life.

1. Catering

Food is the high point of a conference (and life really!) so be sure to provide quality food (and plenty of it) for your guests. Having a variety is important as is ensuring special dietary requirements are met (this information can be collected during the registration process). HostCo has a range of menus to choose from or you can tailor a menu to suit your requirements.

2. Speakers

The choice of speaker(s) will be a very important decision to ensure your guests enjoy and remember their time and do not lose interest in the topic. Keynote speakers can be a drawcard to your event, especially if they are experts in their field or well-known, so make sure you choose a speaker that’s relevant to your audience and/or event theme,

3. Interactive presentations

There is nothing worse than having your guests falling asleep mid presentation. The information may be important but make sure it is delivered in a way that will keep monotony and boredom at bay. Think colours, videos, stretching sessions or group work. Briefing the speaker as to what style of presentation you are hoping to provide the guests is also a way to liven up the presentation.

4. Gift bags

Everyone loves a freebie and what better way to thank your guests for attending your event than a gift bag. It is important to include items that guests would actually want or use, so stationery is always a good idea for the office, but if you can include something personal such as a candle or home item the guest will really love it. It’s a great opportunity to team up with suppliers or sponsors for inclusions as it’s a great marketing exercise for them too.

5. Unique Venue

Stark white walls and grey carpet is not an inspiring learning environment for your guests. To go somewhere different to the norm host your conference in a heritage building full of character. The excellent venues at the University of Sydney, oozing old world charm, with complimentary audio-visual, are the perfect space for your next conference. Get in touch with our lovely team to book your next event with us.