Honeymoon Guide to Maui. Aloha!

Looking for the perfect honeymoon spot? Look no further, we’ve found it!
The locals of Hawaii say “Maui No Ka Oi” which translates to ‘Maui is the best” and this saying is not without merit. One of the top honeymoon destinations in the world, Maui’s alluring beaches and immaculate resorts also provide an idyllic setting to escape the world and spend time with the one you love.
Hawaii’s second-largest island boasts rugged terrain, volcanic beaches, and the towering Mt. Haleakala.  A lot has changed over the last 80 years, but the soul of the “Magical Isles” (which also includes Lanai and Molokai) remains the same. It is a  true sanctuary of natural beauty and the spirit of aloha, a magical place, where the weather is warm and tropical and the atmosphere is made even more beautiful with the friendliest people, and there is no end to the gorgeous beaches and stunning surroundings.
We highly recommend staying at one of Maui’s best beaches, Kaanapali where you can take your pick from a comfortable condo or several top hotels with extensive grounds, elaborate pools and first class service. Kaanapali is full of restaurants and fine dining, shopping and beach activities. If you’re after something more peaceful and relaxing, stay in the luxurious area of Wailea, a resort community with golf courses, beaches and tranquillity.
Explore the beauty of Maui and adventure along the Road to Hana, an unforgettable road trip where you really feel that life is a journey, not a destination. Along the way swim in waterfalls, hike through bamboo forests, explore caves and eat coconut ice cream and fresh fruit from the side of the road.
Haleakala National Park is one of the must-dos on your honeymoon. The view from the top of the volcanic crater is breathtaking and well worth the trip, no matter what time of day you go, but sunrise is absolutely stunning so try to time it for this if you can. On your way back down, take a detour to the Tedeschi Winery for a tour around the historic estate with tastings along the way for a heavenly experience.
For a truly romantic and unforgettable experience why not take to the skies with a helicopter tour of the island with some of the most breathtaking views you’ll ever see. Or head below the sea on a remarkable snorkelling adventure filled with colourful coral and sea life – you may even glimpse a sea turtle. Take your pick from the vast options of gorgeous beaches around the island filled with locals surfing and paddle boarding and even learn yourself. Relaxation is prominent on the island so why not lounge in a cabana or hammock overlooking the beach with cocktail in hand; a wonderful way to enjoy the views of Maui whilst you unwind and relax with your special someone.
Try a bit of something different and stray from the restaurant hotspots to get a taste of the local cuisine around the island. Our top tips are Geste Shrimp Truck at Kahului Habour for their tasty shrimp plates– our faves are the Spicy pineapple and Hawaiian scampi plates, they’re delicious! Enjoy the fresh produce of Maui and delight your tastebuds with fresh (and healthy) pitaya or acai bowls, the locally grown pineapples, and some handcrafted Hawaiian lemonade from the Wow Wow lemonade stand towards the south end of the island. Open your eyes to the wonder of ‘shaved ice’ (it’s not just for the kiddies!). With over 50 flavours to choose from, you will surely find one to delight your tastebuds. And of course, a luau should definitely be on the cards where you can sample traditional dishes (such as pork cooked in the ground) and a cultural show featuring plenty of hula dancing and captivating music.
Maui is a place where romance isn’t hard to find. Maui’s laid-back, aloha spirit, coupled with is spectacular scenery, stunning hotels and endless outdoor activities, as well as its hospitality industry’s unbeatable expertise in romance, makes it a premier honeymoon destination and one you won’t forget.

*Images sourced from Pinterest