Balancing Old World Charm

Balancing old world charm in a wedding in 2016 can be a tricky task, but done the right way, you will create a magical setting for your special day.

Some key elements to consider for a wedding full of old world charm with a modern twist include:

1.     Choose a venue full of character, intricate details and a feeling of warmth. Modernise your styling with rustic metals and fresh florals in a deep but strong colour – we particularly love red or navy. Anna Wang brought this styling to life with Stu and Sam’s wedding in the Refectory recently.

2.     Candles, candles and more candles are a must. They fit so perfectly with an old-world venue and create the most romantic atmosphere.

3.     A gorgeous 1920’s style wedding dress in delicate, modern fabrics steps you and guests step back in time. Add a hint of bling or shimmer into your dress to modernise it. And don’t forget your hair – a loose free flowing style rather than a tight up-do will help relax and modernise a charming dress.

4.     Since you’re dressing the part, it’s only effective if the groom matches. Adding a waistcoat to his attire or replacing the jacket altogether will add a touch of old world charm but still has a modern feel because a dapper groom is so hot right now (and always will be).

5.     Adding a menu with classic flavours with contemporary techniques is ideal. Speak with your chef to create the perfect menu.

We’ve put together a collection of images on Pinterest to inspire your inner creative.