Chef's Corner - Wild Mushrooms

As the cooler days of Autumn draw in and the rains start to fall, wild mushroom season has arrived. Nature’s edible gem is  not only a nutritious and versatile ingredient but very delicious! Our HostCo chefs have created the ideal dish of Potato Gnocchi with a Morel Cream Sauce recipe for you to try at home.



250g                Desiree potatoes
150g                Plain flour
100g                Grated parmesan
5                      Egg yolks
1 tbs               Thyme chopped
20gr                Salt
Morel  Cream Sauce:

500g                Dry morel mushroom
100g                Shallots chopped                         
30g                  Cracked black pepper
50g                  Brandy or cognac
300g                Cream
50g                  Olive oil
50g                  Chives
Salt and pepper

40g Asparagus tips
500g    Wild mushrooms (oyster, girolles, pine, grey ghost)
100g    Parmesan shaving


Bake the potatoes in the oven at 150° C until they are soft.
Peel the potato and put through a food mouli.
In a mixing bowl, add the potato, flour, cheese, yolks and thyme and mix together.
On a floured bench, lay out the mix and form a small long sausage 2cm thick.
With a pastry cutter, cut the gnocchi around 3cm long on an angle.
Blanch the gnocchi in a big pot of salted water.
Cool them in iced water and remove them from the water straight away once they are cold.
Pan fry the gnocchi with some olive oil and salt until golden brown.
Morel Cream:

Rehydrate the morel with running water, so they become soft, remove any leftover sand.
Pan fry morel in olive oil and shallots.
Add cracked black pepper, deglaze with cognac.
When reduced, add the cream and reduce by half again.
Season and finish with chives.

Blanched green asparagus tips
Pan fry wild mushrooms (oyster, girolles pine, grey ghost)
Parmesan shaving