Corporate Event Venue Considerations: 5 must-ask questions

Choosing the ideal venue for your next corporate event is one of the first things to check off your list and is a paramount decision. Here are some questions to consider asking your event planner when choosing a suitable venue.

1. What is the capacity?
Depending on how you wish to conduct your event will determine how many guests can fit in the venue as the capacity changes dependent on your setup e.g. theatre-style will fit more than cabaret style. Also consider if you want breakout rooms, so check how many are available and their capacities.

2. What equipment is included in the venue hire or package?
Some venues may only offer an empty room with additional charges for any essentials. Luckily at HostCo we include the necessities for your event such as tables, chairs, linen, crockery, and more.

3. Is Audio Visual equipment included?
Check with your event planner what equipment is already in the venue and what will need to be hired in from a supplier, which will increase the cost of your event. At HostCo we provide the basic audio visual equipment complimentary in the venue hire. This includes projector, screen, stage, lectern and microphone.

4. What are the flexibilities associated with booking the space?
Are you able to change setup requirements if it changes before the event or can you extend your booking if your speakers go over? Also, are there areas for storage for organisers to use throughout the event? HostCo provides flexible arrangements with plenty of storage for organisers.

5. Is there anything unique about the venue?
Choosing a venue that is unique or quirky will firstly impress your guests but also create an ambience to enhance the quality of your event and could be a talking point for some time after the event.

Once these questions have been answered, you will be able to confidently decide on the most suitable venue for your next corporate event.