Meet our new Executive Chef Dominique Heitz

“La cuisine est le seul art que l’on apprécie le mieux une fois consommé”
Great art appreciates for Centuries. Food however, is an art best appreciated on consumption.
Meet HostCo's new Executive Chef: Dominique Heitz

Growing up in the small town of Alsace France, Dominique discovered his love of food and cookery
whilst spending hours helping his Grandmother and Mother prepare the family meals. The small rural town of only 2000 people where Dominique spent his early years sits on the river Rhine bordering Germany. Dominique’s professional journey began at the age of 16 attending the prestigious Alexandre Dumas College of hospitality in Strasbourg. The College specialises in teaching culinary arts and many great and future chefs have attended. During this time, Dominique studied under Didier de Courten former Swiss Chef of the Year. It was during the next five years that Dominique mastered the skills of modern European cuisine. His acquired knowledge of internationally renowned skills and techniques propelled Dominique into a worldwide culinary adventure.
In 2007, Dominique relocated to the South of Spain. Here, Dominique worked alongside Master Chef
Phillippe Jego (executive Chef for Tour d’Argent, Japan) at Chez Phillippe in Andalucia. Under the
watchful eye of Chef Jego, Dominique mastered the art of ‘Haute Cuisine’.
Dominique’s wanderlust continued in 2009, moving to the United States. Dominique took up a
position with former White House executive Chef Pierre Chambrin at the St Louis Club in Missouri. It
was here that Dominique’s leadership potential was truly realised managing a team of 40 Chefs in
two restaurants.
In 2010, Dominique was Sydney bound. Joining the team at ‘Astral’, Dominique worked alongside executive Chef Sean Connelly. It was during this time that Dominique discovered his new love for Modern Australian cuisine. Sydney also introduced Dominique to a new love, Indonesian born wife Vivian.
At HostCo the focus is on providing consistently great food and service. This is done by delivering clients world-class culinary experiences reflecting seasonal ingredients and the latest food trends. Dominique completely compliments HostCo's philosophy of innovative and simply delicious cuisine.