Meet our Sous Chef Cris Artuz

This month we’re stepping into the kitchen and talking to our Sous Chef Cris.
My role at HostCo
Sous Chef
A little bit about myself
Born in the Philippines, I arrived in Australia when I was 12. I fell in love with the Australian culture mixed with Europeans and Asians whilst I was growing up in Sydney. This sparked my interest in the fine culinary arts.
Experience in the hospitality industry
As an aspiring chef, I started my first fine dining experience on my second year of apprenticeship in Concrete Blonde, which led me to join a team that my current Executive Chef, Dom, co-founded. This initial exposure to European techniques and flavours opened my eyes to what the world could offer without leaving Australia, which also made me curious as to what it can offer outside Australia. After finishing my apprenticeship I travelled and worked throughout Europe which satisfied my curiosity.
What do I love the most about my job?
The challenge of satisfying the ever changing palette of people with so many good restaurants around Sydney, it always brings a smile to my face when I can surprise a customer when they try my food.
I enjoy cooking….
Coming from an Asian background, I enjoy working with Asian flavours. But after working and travelling around Europe, tweaking Asian dishes with modern European techniques creates a more refined dish which is coincidentally present in many menus around Australia. A favourite dish of mine I have tweaked is sous vide hoisin duck served with pickled cucumber, radish, caraway carrot purée. This was inspired by the classic Asian dish, duck pancakes.
My menu pick
Canadian scallop, green apple, shizo garlic dressing, mandarin from the Classic Canapé Menu.