Planning a special event

Planning a special event is simple if you cover these five factors:

The number of guests can sway the ambience for your special event. This aspect goes hand in hand with your venue choice – you don’t want one too big or too small. Write out a list of who you would like to invite and go from there. 

Choosing a suitable venue for your event involves factoring in your number of guests, theme and entertainment. It’s all about size, decor and flexibility of the space and could be the single most important decision you make regarding your event. Check out what questions to ask when choosing your venue to help with your decision.
A theme is great to tie everything together for your event. Style and decorations can show off who you are, recreate a special moment in time, a holiday or favourite theme, the list is endless. Pick a theme and go overboard with overt decorations or add subtle touches with your styling, entertainment, food and beverages.
Food is a very memorable part of your event, especially for your guests. Make sure you have ample food to ensure your guests are satisfied and also line their stomachs if there is alcohol at your event. Choose a menu to tie into your theme or create a tailored menu with some of your favourite foods. Food can also be a talking point for your guests with sharing platters and food stations.
A highlight of any event is the atmosphere created from entertainment. This could be a band or DJ, dancers, cultural traditions or a photo booth. Having something guests will enjoy will give them something to remember and retell in their stories.
Happy planning!