Something blue ideas for your wedding

The old saying, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” brings a little bit of tradition to the modern era of weddings. Adding a subtle hint of blue can sometimes be a little tricky to tie into your wedding theme so here are seven ideas we’ve put together for you.

1. Jewellery

Add some sapphires to your wedding outfit. Feature this striking gem through your earrings, bracelet, or gorgeous brooch or hair piece.

2. Garter

If you want to be more subtle, wear a garter with blue lace or satin, as it won’t show (until the time comes when the groom takes it off).

3. Lingerie

Another hidden element to add some blue to your wedding outfit without being obvious and taking away from your bridal white.

4. Nails

A slight shimmer of blue glitter or opaque lacquer for your nails is a simple yet pretty way to add some blue to your day. If you don’t want blue fingernails, paint your toes – they’re easy to hide in your shoes.

5. Shoes

The entire shoe could be blue, just the heel, sole or even the lining. Get your DIY on and attach some blue gemstones to your shoes for an individual touch.

6. Embroidery

Stitching a monogram of your initials or your wedding date in blue to the inside of your gown can be a subtle and sentimental option for you.

7. Bouquet

Add a baby blue ribbon to your bouquet or add some blue flowers like orchids or hydrangeas. Blue flowers not in season? See if you can find some beautiful silk flowers to add.

Take a look at our Pinterest board for more inspiration.