Top Tip – Sustainable Event Management

When hosting your event we pride ourselves on meeting the social and environmental responsibilities involved in the management of your event and its impact on the environment.

Things HostCo considers when hosting your event include:

• Reusable china, glassware and cutlery 
• Disposables made of recyclable materials
• Providing urns & drink dispensers instead of individual bottles of beverages
• Encouraging suppliers to deliver ingredients in reusable containers
• To avoid food wastage we incorporate a re-distribution program with OzHarvest.  We do not uncover/open/serve all food at once, so that if over-supply has occurred, the perishable food has been handled correctly and is able to be donated to OzHarvest.
• Recommending suitable proportions of food to clients to avoid over-catering.
• We will always ask for dietary requirements of guests in advance to reduce wastage and to ensure all attendees are satisfied.

As an event organiser, please try to consider your environment when placing a catering order and keep these in mind.