Honeymoon Guide to Mallorca: A Mediterranean Paradise

Over the years Mallorca has taken on a glamourous style – five star hotels have replaced budget accommodation and the beautiful island of white sandy beaches and soaring mountains is becoming one of the Mediterranean’s chicest holiday destinations. Lying amongst the Balearic Islands of Spain, Mallorca is blessed with stunning natural beauty and glorious weather year-round. Full of history and secluded beaches and coves, turquoise seas and an inland of almond trees this island is an idyllic setting for your honeymoon.

Spend a couple of days in the vibrant and historic capital, Palma de Mallorca, exploring the cobbled streets within the Old Town’s high walls. Here lays an abundance of notable architecture including the majestic gothic-style Catedral El Seo and The Palau de L’Alumndaina, a royal palace still home to the Spanish royal family.  Palma is also a cosmopolitan city and has great shopping for  high-end fashion or explore some quaint local shops full of treasures and souvenirs. Eat to your heart’s content in the endless cafes, restaurants and tapas bars – the paella and ham croquettes will delight your taste buds.

The whitewashed beaches and coves on the island are so heavenly, it doesn’t matter which section of the island you choose to explore.  We suggest exploring the north point of the island, where we recommend staying in Port de Pollensa. Less touristy than Alcudia, there are beautiful beaches looking out to the Sierra de Tramuntana Mountains (a view you don’t want to miss! )Bask in the sun on the beach lounges, enjoy some snorkelling or water sports, and dine in the beachfront restaurants whilst sipping on a cocktail or two.

If you want the ultimate relaxation spot, escape the tourist meccas of Mallorca and travel to the south eastern point of the island to Santyani and Cala D’or.  These two towns boast the best beaches on the island (trust me when I say this), with blue-green water, white soft sand, surrounded by luscious national park and so peaceful that you may never want to leave.  Spend a day on a boat cruise, wining and dining and exploring the eastern coastline and hidden coastal spots, and another walking through the towns exploring the local shops and markets. Spend your nights in town at the restaurants and bars or head down to the marina for a romantic, intimate dinner.

Savour your honeymoon in a beautiful, secluded spot in the world that you may not have heard of before, but one you will certainly never forget. 

*Images sourced from Pinterest