Honeymoon Guide to Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco, a land of colour, contrasts and mystery. Who doesn’t want a piece of this rich and exotic culture?  A honeymoon in Morocco offers a piece of African culture combined with Spanish, Portuguese and French influences, a truly eclectic mix. This sultry North African country offers the ultimate in luxury or 5 star resorts or stay and  immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the exotic kasbahs and riads -  a traditional Moroccan palace , adorned with walls of patterned rugs, shelves of coloured glassware and intimate private courtyards for guests to enjoy.
Marrakech, known as Morocco’s “Imperial City” or as it is also famously known, the “Red City”, is truly a place where the past meets the present. It is a charming and magical place that guides your senses, a place filled with energy and enthusiasm that will captivate your soul. The architecture, design, and gastronomic experiences present in this beautiful culture are truly second to none. With old city walls, palaces, riads, souks and artisans, the ambience of this exotic destination is everything you could imagine for your honeymoon and more.  

Immerse yourself in Marrakech culture and visit Koutoubia Mosque (ladies remember to pack a shawl or scarf to wear), explore the palaces; the ruins of El Badi Palace and the elaborate Bahi Palace. Take a Cal├Ęche ride (a horse and carriage) through the streets and of course binge on the cheap, tasty food of Marrakech. Try tagine, kebabs, couscous, street food and local delicacies together with the fresh orange juice and mint tea.

Stroll the souks of Marrakech and absorb the wonderful chaos – full of gypsies, snake-charmers, magicians, folk-singers and street artists on every corner, the experience is a sensory overload of colours, energy and vibrancy. Everything is sold here, and we mean EVERYTHING; spices, perfume, handmade bags, lamps, clothing, carpet, food, ceramics and glassware.  You name it, you can probably find it. It’s a must that you take a day to get lost in the souks, savour the experience and enjoy the surprises around every corner!

Have your camera in hand at all times – the beauty of Marrakech is an abundance of photo opportunities not to be missed and an adventure you’ll never forget.


*Images sourced from Pinterest

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