Honeymoon Guide to Yucatan Peninsula Mexico, where paradise meets history

Say hola to paradise and visit the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico; a picturesque honeymoon location with never-ending sunshine, secret beaches and Mayan ruins full of history. There are many different locales that lie within the Yucatán Peninsula to explore – each with their own hidden gems.

Cancun is the most popular holiday spot and is brimming with resorts and hotels. Book an all-inclusive resort and lay by the pool sipping on cocktails or local beers, eat delicious food or check out the underwater museum MUSA which is just amazing. 

Mayan archaeological sites are a must see when visiting, take a trip inland to explore Chichén Itzá – the largest of Yucatan’s Mayan ruins with wonderful views atop the pyramid structure to blow your mind. Tulum, with its stunning beaches Caribbean Sea backdrop and Mayan fortress, is another great place to delve into some history.

Travelling around the Yucatán Peninsula south of Cancun, there is Playa del Carmen with its beautiful beach fronts and rustic charm; it is difficult not to fall in love with this town. Move across to white sugar sand, stunning reefs and clear turquoise waters over at Cozumel Island – a magical place to put on your snorkel or scuba set and explore the great big blue and its inhabitants. The ancient Mayans believed Cozumel was home to the goddess of love and fertility Ixchel (perfect for a honeymoon).

Sunshine, beaches, relaxation, adventure and history – the Yucatán Peninsula is for all couples.

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