Delivery Menu

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Served in delivery boxes, our delicious delivery menu is available any time within the Sydney metropolitan area. Additional wooden cutlery, napkin and bamboo plates available

The Essential Sandwiches

All sandwich, wrap, baguette and damper platters include 20% vegetarian fillings.
Assorted gourmet sandwiches
$75 (serves 10)
Assorted Lavosh wraps
$75 (serves 10)
Assorted baguettes
$75 (serves 10)
Assorted damper rolls
$75 (serves 10)

Antipasto Platters

Mezze platter
Falafel, stuffed vine leaves, tabouli, pickles, haloumi & dips with pita bread
$55 (serves 10)
Charcuterie platter
Selection of dried, cured & preserved meats served with mustards, pickled vegetables & grilled sourdough
$59 (serves 10)
Vegetarian antipasto platter
Selection of dips, marinated vegetables, olives, mushrooms, Turkish bread
$55 (serves 10)

From the Sea

Sushi & California rolls platter
Served with pickled ginger and wasabi
$69 (40 pieces)
Mixed rice paper rolls (Selection of prawn, chicken & vegetarian)
Served with lime and ginger dipping sauce
$105 (30 pieces)
Seafood platter
Fresh Oyster, scallop and prawn served in their shell, lemon and mary-rose sauce.
$69 (serves 10)

From the Paddock

Peking duck pancakes
Filled with fresh cucumber and shallots with oyster, garlic and ginger sauce
$65 (20 pieces)
Pork Chilli sliders
Mini brioche bun with spicy braised pork belly, pickled cucumber and carrots
$65 (10 pieces)
Mexican fiesta platter
Fresh tortilla, chilli corn carne, corn chips, fresh guacamole, sour cream.
$55 (serves 10)

On the side

Seasonal fresh sliced Fruits
$40 (serves 10)
Gourmet dip platter
Selection of 3 dips with Turkish bread
$39 (serves 10)
Australian cheese platter with dried fruit Lavosh & water crackers
$59 (serves 10)

Bread Box
Freshly baked “Sonoma” bread rolls and sourdough mini baguette, served with cultured butter and
extra virgin olive oil.
$39 (20 rolls)
Salad Box
Selection of salads (Rocket, Couscous and Beetroot),
$49 (serves 10)

For the Sweet tooth

Sweet Delivery
Selection of Chocolate Brownie, mini muffins and macaroons
$59 (serves 10)
Mixed Donut
Selection of Mini Donut, glazed and filled with chocolate.
$59 (serves 10)


Orange juice - 2ltr                                       $8.50 per bottle
Sparkling mineral water - 1ltr                      $6.00 per bottle
Sparkling mineral water - 250ml                 $3.50 per bottle
Carbonated drinks - 600ml                         $3.00 per bottle
HostCo spring water - bottled 600ml         $2.00 per bottle
Juice - bottled 350ml                                  $3.50 per bottle


Delivery Details:

Free delivery applies to orders of $150 or more. A delivery fee of $30 will be added to orders that do not reach the minimum spend.

HostCo can cater to all types of events and have menus to match. If you would like a menu to make your event truly memorable, call our friendly team in Sydney on +61 2 9563 6245, or contact us.