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Classic Dining Menu


Smoked petuna ocean trout, crème fraiche, baby capers, pickled cucumber, lemon oil (gf)
Wild mushroom and chicken terrine, truffle emulsion, radishes
Cured duck prosciutto, compressed apple, wild rocket, jerusalem artichoke chips (gf)
Vitello tonnato roasted veal loin, caper berries, wild rocket, white anchovies, truffled pecorino (gf)
Tasmanian salmon rillettes, avocado, endive salad, dill oil, black bread crumb (df)


15-hour braised lamb shoulder, butternut puree, baby dutch carrots, red capsicum coulis (gf)
Steamed barramundi, garlic mash, pickled cucumber, fennel, meuniere butter sauce (gf)
Smoked beef brisket, soft polenta, baby beets and garlic brassica, pomegranate glaze (gf)
Smoked corn-fed chicken breast, spätzle, hazelnut mushrooms cream sauce, braised french shallots
Pan-fried king salmon, peas, tarragon and kale risotto, pea tendrils, salsa verde (gf)


Roasted chat potato, paprika mayo, green onions
Bok choy, kimchi and red long chilli
Crispy rosemary chips, gravy and parmesan cheese
Pan-fried spätzle, garlic butter, chives
Handmade potato gnocchi, wild mushrooms
Grilled eggplant, tomato jam, baby capers
Dutch carrots, roasted pumpkin, soy and caraway seeds
Steamed broccolini, green beans, burnt butter and toasted almonds
Baby spinach salad, goat’s cheese, beetroot, citrus dressing


Our signature trio dessert with opera cake, chocolate ganache, rosella flower and raspberry cream
Chocolates in a glass with milk chocolate mousse, dark chocolate brownie, chocolate custard, cocoa crumb and chocolate macaroon
Pavlova with lavender chantilly, meringue, strawberries, kiwi, rosewater jelly (gf)
Lamington cheesecake, passionfruit, baby basil and coconut chips


Contemporary Dining Menu


Scallop ceviche, black garlic, avocado marble, spiced popcorn, wasabi caviar, micro coriander (gf)
Baby beetroot salad, compressed watermelon, bloody mary gel, cherry heirloom tomato, mozzarella (gf, v)
Spice crust yellow fine tuna, spinach flan, shizo dressing, wild rice, mustard leaf (gf)
Pork belly, skin crackling, bush tomato chutney and red peppers, grilled apricot (gf)
Heirloom tomato, goat cheese, white anchovies in vinegar, tomato foam, balsamic pearl, basil,
pickled onion (gf)


Smoked duck breast, miso potato, shimeji and daikon pickle, sansho pepper, ponzu broth (gf)
Pan seared dory, smoked cherry tomato, asparagus, celeriac puree, salsa verde (gf)
Pumpkin arancini, sweet potato and vanilla puree, crispy quinoa, heirloom carrots, red beetroot and
zucchini flowers (gf, v)
Surf and turf with beef filet, balmain bug, soubise puree, green asparagus, onion rings, jus (gf)
Monkfish, prosciutto, roasted artichoke, lentils, balsamic and mandarin oil (gf)


Textures of fruits with compressed melon, freeze dry mandarin, elderflower jelly, raspberry gel,
passion fruit powder, lemon balm (gf, vegan)
Rose marshmallow, honey nuts, preserved fig, yogurt sorbet, yuffka
Deconstructed tiramisu, mascarpone cream, coffee jelly, confit cherry, cocoa crumb
Milk tea panna cotta, compressed pineapple, coconut tapioca, black sesame ice cream (gf)
Tarago triple cream, dried apricot, brioche crumb, rocket jelly and fresh apples


Sharing Menu


Selection of freshly baked mini baguettes and rolls
Antipasto platter with chargrilled vegetables, hummus, mustard, pesto, salami, prosciutto
Freshly shucked oysters or coffee cured hiramasa kingfish
Marinated bocconcini and olives
Warm spinach and feta quiche


Braised lamb shoulder, roasted kipfler potato, chimichurri
Steamed king salmon papillote, fennel, dill, cherry tomatoes
Roasted herb butter chicken, heirloom carrots, baby beetroot
Crispy pork belly, celery and apricot salsa.
Whole roasted pumpkin, parmesan risotto and baby spinach


Mesculin salad with heirloom cherry tomato
Roasted chat potato, chilli mayo and green scallion
Potato gnocchi and oyster mushrooms
Steamed green asparagus and broccolini
Baby dutch carrots, honey caraway glaze


Local cheese, grapes, crackers, lavosh
Selection of sliced cakes and mini tarts


Barbeque Menu


Assorted gourmet sausages (choose from Lamb and rosemary, Beef and thyme, Pork)
Falafel burger with garlic and cucumber yoghurt
Sirloin steak
Caribbean jerk chicken
Caramelised onions
Selection of sourdough and baguette rolls
Sauces and relishes
Select one salad from our salad menu


Assorted gourmet sausages (choose from Lamb and rosemary, Beef and thyme, Pork)
Falafel burger with garlic and cucumber yoghurt
Sirloin steak
Caribbean jerk chicken
Grilled fish
Caramelised onions
Selection of sourdough and baguette rolls
Sauces and relishes
Select two salads from our salad menu


Assorted gourmet sausages (choose from Lamb and rosemary, Beef and thyme, Pork)
Falafel burger with garlic and cucumber yoghurt
Sirloin steak
Caribbean jerk chicken
Grilled fish
Grilled whole tiger prawns marinated in sambal and lime
Rosemary and garlic lamb chop
Caramelised onions
Charred antipasto vegetables with balsamic glaze
Selection of sourdough and baguette rolls
Sauces and relishes
Select two salads from our salad menu


Buffet Menu


Cajun marinated chicken, turmeric zucchini, couscous, harissa and capsicum sauce (df)
Seared ocean trout, fried chat potatoes, fennel, seasonal greens and orange beurre blanc sauce (gf)
Roasted pork loin, chinese noodle, steamed bok choy, cucumber and chilli vinaigrette (df)
Grilled swordfish, garlic potato, peperonata, sundried tomato, gremolata (gf)
Fried potato gnocchi, field mushrooms fricassee, spinach, snow pea tendrils, confit shallots (df, v)
Braised lamb shoulder ragout, tagliatelle pasta, peas and ricotta
Twice cooked beef brisket, roast beetroot, pumpkin puree, salsa verde (gf, df)
Slow cooked curry lentils, baby dutch carrots, brassica, almond vierge sauce (df, gf, vegan)
Bangers and mash, wagyu beef sausages, truffle potato mash, caramelised spanish onion, rosemary jus (gf)
Braised red wine beef cheeks, field mushrooms, garlic kale and polenta. (gf)


Green beans, roast beetroot, crumbled feta, toasted hazelnuts (gf)
Moroccan cauliflower, tea infused raisin, toasted almond (gf, df, vegan)
Roasted kipfler potatoes, cornichons, sour cream, walnuts and green apples
Roasted pumpkin, arugula, sundried tomatoes, pepitas, shaved zucchini (gf, df, vegan)
Thai rice noodle salad, bean sprouts, lime, crispy shallots (gf, df, vegan)
Shaved fennel, pickled cucumber, radish, watercress (gf, df)
Traditional greek salad, oregano and lemon (gf)
Penne pasta, char grilled vegetables, pesto, green olives
Green salad with cucumber, snow peas, avocado, pea shoots, soy beans, citrus balsamic (gf, df, vegan)
Roasted sweet potato, caramelised onion, rocket, pine nuts, lemon dressing (gf, df, vegan)
Shaved prosciutto, rockmelon, baby mozzarella, basil leaves, wild rocket (gf)
Char grilled chicken breast, bacon, baby cos, shaved parmesan, cherry tomato, croutons, caesar dressing 
Crispy pork, baby spinach, pear, apple, sumac dressing (gf)


Whole slabs and sliced cakes (12-16 portion each) 
All served with fruit coulis and chantilly cream
Oscar torte
Passionfruit brulee tart
Berry trifle cake
Carrot orange cake
Mango coconut cake
Blackberry cheese cake
Baked chocolate tart
Classic French lemon tart
Apple frangipane flan


Food Stations

Sushi bar
Themed sushi bar with a selection of premium maki and nigiri
(3 pieces per person)

Pie and sausage roll cart
Selection of lamb and pork sausage roll, mini gourmet pies with chicken, aussie beef and vegetarian 
Includes tomato sauce, chili and BBQ
(3 pieces per person)

Mini hot dog station
Small chipolata sausage, mini roll served with garnish and condiments
(2 pieces per person)

Sliders station
Selection of mini burgers including beef, peri peri chicken and vegetarian patty
(2 pieces per person)

Taco station
Soft tortilla, beef, chicken and spicy bean mix, served with guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa
(2 serves per person)

Dumpling cart
Selection of pork, seafood and vegetarian dumplings steamed fresh with asian condiments
(3 pieces per person)

Steamed bao bun cart
Steamed open bun with pork, miso eggplant
(2 pieces per person)

Oyster bar
Sydney rock oysters on an ice buffet with assorted dressings
(2 pieces per person)

Charcuterie board
Selection of terrines, cured meat, sausages and condiments, served with breads
(50 grams per person)

Gelato stand
Selection of bambino mini gelato cones 
(3 cone per person)

Cheese cart
Selection of australian and european cheeses, condiments, dried fruit, lavosh, grissini
(50 grams cheese per person)

Mini Dessert Bar
Selection of assorted éclairs, fruit tartlets, mousse pots, panna cotta and macaroons
(3 pieces per person)

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