Tip of the month – managing rsvps

Published 12th March 2015

Our time spent in the events industry has enlightened us to the difficulties experienced in collecting RSVPs in an appropriate timeframe. We have put together some tips to master this process for all your future events:

1. Set your RSVP date a month before your event date. This will give you a week to follow up all the missing RSVPs before final numbers are due to the caterer.

2. Make sure all invitees understand the urgency and importance of getting their RSVP to you. Hint: Indicating “Limited places (or seats)” will help with this.

3. Keep a list of all invitees in an excel document to make it easy to track who has or hasn’t responded and if they have any dietary requirements.

4. Electronic invites allow you to resend the invite just before RSVPs are due as a reminder.


We hope these have been some helpful tips for your invitation and RSVPs. Happy planning!

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