COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Throughout this time, we’ll be focussed on doing everything we can to support our clients and community, and to bring you safe events and catering deliveries. We'll be frequently updating this section with more information as the situation develops. 

Wednesday 25 March

"Now, weddings can continue to be conducted where it is just the couple, the celebrant and the witnesses. That's no more than five people and the four square meeting rule has to be observed within the venue in which that is taking place. But, large gatherings for weddings, sadly, won't be possible under these new arrangements. And sadly, also, and I know this will be very difficult, funerals to no more than 10 persons observing the rules around the four square metre rule and the social-distancing practices. Particularly on these types of activities this is not an easy decision. Where we have already found, and Dr Murphy can speak to this, some of the events that have been some of the major transmitting events, it has been exactly these types of events, particularly weddings. And that is why, regretfully, we have to be able to put these arrangements in place. Now, these are the rules and arrangements that are applied when it comes to the strict enforcement of these arrangements and that will come in from midnight tomorrow night and states and territories will be moving tomorrow to put those arrangements in place." - Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Friday 20 March

Limits on organised gatherings Employers and event organisers need to be aware of the new restrictions for indoor and outdoor gatherings. These restrictions are to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) has recommended limits on organised gatherings. These include limiting non-essential:

  • indoor gatherings to fewer than 100 people
  • outdoor gatherings to fewer than 500 people

Four square metre rule for inside gatherings. This was flagged this yesterday, but indoor gatherings just got more strict:

Wednesday 18 March

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has declared a national human biosecurity emergency and announced a ban on all non-essential indoor gatherings of more than 100 people.

Friday 13 March

Upcoming bans on non-essential mass gatherings over 500 people that will be enacted from Monday 16th March.

“It is precautionary. It is getting ahead of this to ensure that we can minimise the impact on your health and [so] we can ensure with confidence the ability for people to be accessing the health services that they and their families will need.” - Prime Minister Scott Morrison

The HostCo team have all undertaken COVID19 - The Novel Coronavirus training through

The online training course covers the following:

  • Understand the basics about COVID-19 virus, including how it is spread
  • Describe what you can do to protect yourself and others
  • Know what to do if you develop symptoms
  • Know what to do if the person you are caring for develops symptoms
  • Tell the difference between myths and facts about COVID-19

We can come to you with a range of delivery catering options, including special delivery requests like no-contact experiences. Check out our current menu here

There’s still a lot to learn about COVID-19, but we know for sure that maintaining good hygiene is absolutely critical. We practice this religiously day-in and day-out as caterers with a NSW Government Food Authority 5⭐Star Hygiene Rating, regardless of the situation. We’re continuing our good food hygiene practices and following the guidelines from the World Health Organisation too: 

  • Frequently clean hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub for at least 20 seconds
  • Cover nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing with a tissue or flexed elbow and dispose of tissues immediately (then washing hands again!)
  • Avoiding close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms and advising other staff and managers to ensure they are fit and well for work

We’d usually advertise the Refectory as the perfect space for events with 180+ attendees, however given the current situation it’s the now an ideal venue for events with 50 attendees with space for social distancing (4-square-metre bubble per person). We’ll be ensuring all venues are set up with virtual capabilities so you can virtually include speakers and other attendees too.

Cullen & Sutherland Room’s

We’ve reduced the capacity for these rooms down to 14 attendees.

Chancellor’s Room

The antique table that once held 20 people at the antique table will now comfortably sit 8 people.

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