Wedding Inspiration – An Autumn Affair

Published 13th April 2015

Autumn is a beautiful season with a stunning palette of colours to play with. Think shades of red, orange, yellow, purple, magenta, blue and brown – endless opportunities to create chic character for your guests to relish.


The simplistic autumn hues will create warmth for your wedding. Ask the florist to embrace autumn foliage and less popular yet striking floral arrangements to construct an eye-catching bouquet. Distinctive aisle décor will look fantastic for your ceremony and inspire the centrepieces for your reception. Imagine rustic décor featuring pinecones, pumpkins, Manzanita trees with light hangings or autumn leaves entwined around vases. We envisage a spectacular, individualistic cake by adopting autumn hues and embellishments. Check us out on Pinterest for more dreamy autumn muses.


Our chefs can create a seasonal menu highlighting the many flavours of autumn or why not collaborate with them to structure an autumn menu incorporating your favourite ingredients. Be sure to bring apples or pears, pumpkin, figs and rich chocolate desserts into your menu; serve a warming pumpkin soup, a dish attributing caramelised figs, or assortment of homely autumn vegetables.


Say “I do” under the tree in the Quadrangle with autumn leaves scattered at the base followed by photography around the Quadrangle and in the hidden gardens of the University with perfect backdrops and colourings. Transform the Refectory into an autumn haven with the rich colours of the mural complementing your inspired centrepieces, floral arrangements, wedding favours and of course that eye-catching cake.

How could you not fall in love with this gorgeous colourful season?

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