Our take on Sharing Menus and Food Stations

Published 30th December 2015

One of the biggest and popular event trends is sharing menus and food stations. This is a great alternative to traditional event styles and it gives your guests a less formal experience whilst having the opportunity to taste a variety of foods on the menu, and brings in a sociable atmosphere to the event.

Here is why you should spice up your event by offering your guests something a little bit different


Sharing Menus

The Spanish have been doing it for yonks and now Australia has finally realised that sharing plates and menus can be a great way to taste a bit of everything while creating a fun and friendly atmosphere at your event. Guests can help themselves to a bit of this, a bit of that and try an array of food options that is not always possible on a traditional sit-down dinner. Moreover, a sharing menu can be great a conversation starter for guests, which is what we all want at our events.

The time of year can influence the menu with winter bringing whole roasts, baked vegetables and hearty dishes, and summer serving up fresh salads, seafood and cold meats. No matter the season, the food and conversation will be flowing.


Food Stations

Lately we’ve been seeing that food stations are becoming a popular choice for cocktail events and conferences – and for good reason. Food stations offer an array of choices for guests, they’re perfect for stand-up dinners or a more relaxed dining experience, plus they’re a much more fun and chic alternative to buffet tables.

A styled cart, tables or boxes are the perfect platform for this type of catering and also offers you the choice of serving food from a variety of cultures and regions, plus you may even get the chance to chat to one of our talented chefs! HostCo offers an extensive menu of food stations including a delectable gourmet cheese station, dumpling bar, sushi stand, oyster bar, deli cart and dessert station. You could even dedicate a whole room to dessert alone!

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