5 Minutes with Lime Tree Bower

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Helen and her brilliant team for many years now, both onsite in the Holme Building and in other spaces like the Great Hall. 

Lime Tree Bower is a leading wedding & event designer based in Sydney. Known for creating artistic and whimsical experiences across Australia.

There is no doubt that Helen is a true creative talent in the industry, who can take a simple brief and turn it into something incredible!


LimeTreeBower Refectory Table


Tell us a bit about what Lime Tree Bower does

We're a wedding & event designer, creating uniquely tasteful, brilliant and artistic experiences. We offer tailored and bespoke creative design services, ranging from floristry, wedding styling, to event planning and educational workshops.


LimeTreeBower Green Bridal Party 


What sets you apart from others in the industry?

We're masters at taking what's in your head, and piecing it all together to bring it to life, using our intuitive design skills. Our signature aesthetic is whimsical and artistic, but our real strength lies in our ability to blend our designer touch with your dream theme.

What is the price range of your offering?

Weddings from $3k+, Private/Corporate Events from $500+


LimeTreeBower Wedding Couple Garden

LimeTreeBower Bar M 


If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before starting the business what would it be?

Trust your intuition and gut when you're unsure about something. Go inwards to help yourself make those difficult decisions, you know what to do!

How early should our event organisers start the conversation with you?

Ideally around 8-10 months depending on the size and scope of your wedding. For peak wedding periods (like spring and autumn), most couples tend to book around a year in advance for the more popular dates.


LimeTreeBower Rural Wedding Party

LimeTreeBower Ceiling Install


Any trends that you are loving the last few months?

Cosmic & crystal influences like iridescence as a colour scheme, and being more playful with typical colour palettes.


LimeTreeBower Cosmic Colours 


If you could share one piece of advice to those starting out in your industry what would it be?

The hardest part is the beginning - just start. When you look back at earlier work down the track, you should be embarrassed or feel like it's inferior as it means you've continued to grow and develop your skills!


LimeTreeBower Rural Bride 

If you have any questions for Helen or would like more information, please visit her website www.limetreebower.com or follow her on instagram or facebook

All photos for the blog have been provided by Lime Tree Bower

We'd love to help you create your dream event!