Photoshoot Locations in Sydney

Sydney is undeniably one of the most photographed cities in the world. Located in Sydney’s Inner West, the University of Sydney tops our list of photography locations. HostCo manages the Holme Building, a historic architectural feature set within the park-like campus grounds. With a variety of spaces available to create the perfect atmosphere for photoshoots, HostCo is able to provide exclusive spaces for your next location. From photography permits and venue hire to catering for the team, talk to HostCo about booking your next shoot with us. 

Colonnade w Lounge Settings

On-Location Photography

Shooting on-location in Sydney can offer your thrilling, priceless views at every turn. Yet when it comes time to construct your photography set, it can be hard to find prime photoshoot space without a crowd. HostCo is set up as a solution to offer exclusive photoshoot locations in the heritage Holme Building at the University of Sydney. From the impressive mural in the Refectory as your backdrop to more intimate rooms and spaces, we’ve got several sizes and styles for you to choose from. Set up the perfect atmosphere for your photography with the help from the team at HostCo. 

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