Charred Prawns Recipe

Prawns are eaten all year round, but you'll find King and Tiger Prawns are at their best from late Summer through till early Winter. Our chefs created this Charred Prawn, Soy & Ginger Canape for a special event so you won't find it on our usual HostCo menu. Using the recipe below enjoy them at your next BBQ with family and friends, or get in touch with the HostCo team and ask for them to feature on your next event menu. 

Prawn Soy Ginger Canape

Charred Prawns, Soy, Ginger 


1kg Large Prawns (King or Tiger work best)


300ml Light Soy 

100ml Mirin

1 Red Chilli

150g Ginger

100g Garlic

50g Sugar


100ml Marinade Liquid

100ml Oil



  1. Soak bamboo skewers in warm water for 10 to 30 minutes. Chef tip: Soaking skewers for barbeque is a great way to keep them intact or from burning from open flames.
  2. Deshell and devein prawns, keeping the tail on. Using a pre-soaked skewer push it through the prawn starting at the tail end. Marinade the prawns for 3 hours prior to cooking. 
  3. To make the glaze, take 100ml of the marinade liquid and mix with an equal amount of a flavourless oil.
  4. On a searing hot grill, cook the prawns, continuously basting with the glaze. Chef tip: adding oil to marinade liquids is a quick way to make basting sauces. 


  1. The key to making this dish visually appealing is the straight body of the prawns, to achieve this the skewer must be done while the prawns are raw.
  2. After cooking to keep the skewers nice and shiny, finish with the glazing liquid.

Prawn Plating


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